Invoice Finance

Don’t sit and wait… fast-track your cash flow today

On an invoice of £75,000, you could pay as little as £3,638

Invoice finance turns your unpaid invoices into instant cash flow...

Invoice finance is a great option for your business if you need the cash faster than your customer is willing to pay, or if you need an additional injection to start a new project or invest in additional equipment and materials for your business.


The process is quick and easy, and can be completed in 3 simple steps.

1. You send a tax invoice to your customer

2. You then email that invoice over to us

3. We will then pay you up to 90% of the invoice value within just 4 hours!!! The rest of the balance will be paid to you when the customer pays the invoice, minus our fees.

Don't let cash flow slow you down... with invoice finance, you can be back in action in as little as 4 hours

this service is perfect for businesses who:

  • Deal with customers who have long payment terms
  • Have to manage a seasonal sales cycle
  • Operate with a lean cash flow
  • Would rather avoid securing business finance with real estate securities
  • Are experiencing growth but cannot access traditional lending options
  • Have great opportunities that require cash in order to get the work started
  • Would really benefit from receiving payment earlier than the terms of the invoice

Information that you need to know

When working with us on Invoice Finance, you will have access to a 24 hour facility set up and a 4 hour transfer.

You can get up to 90% of the invoice total advanced to you immediately.

We can help you with finding from between £10,000 and £250,000.

And you have the added benefit of flexible and no fixed-term contracts

Paul Michel Finance: The better way to manage your business finances

The finance solutions that we provide have been carefully created in such a way that they complement each other. By seamlessly integrating with one another, we can deliver to you a complete cash flow and working capital solution.

Paul Michel Finance is partnered with Fifo Capital and acts as a representative of their services. Speaking with Paul, he will be able to inform you as to how much funding you are able to obtain and how quickly it can be accessed – Paul will also be able to inform you of the associated costs of using such a service.

More importantly, working with Paul Michel Finance, you will have the confidence you need in order to meet new orders from your customers whilst driving growth for your business.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Are you ready to get started?

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